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Asosiasi Independent Surveyor Indonesia

Called by a sense of responsibility and dedication to the people and the state to actively create an atmosphere of industry and trading developed and healthy. The Independent Surveyor feel the need to seek unity in a professional organization with a form of association. In order to enhance the quality of service, to uphold the integrity, expand and maintain public confidence, both inside and outside the state. given the above discourse, then founded the Association of Independent Surveyor Indonesia (AISI) by some Independent Survey Company

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Pelatihan Liquid Cargo Batch 47

AISI telah melaksanakan Liquid  Cargo Survey Training & Certification batch 47 yang di selenggarakan pada tanggal 07 – 12 Desember 2015 bertempat di sekretariat AISI, Graha sucofindo lantai 15 Berikut adalah Photo-photo aktivitas selama pelatihan berlangsung :
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  Asosiasi Independent Surveyor Indonesia (AISI) melaksanakan Rapat Tahunan Anggota 2015 dengan tema “Tingkatkan Kiprah AISI Dalam Menghadapi MEA Dengan Profesionalisme dan Integritas” yang  di selenggarakan pada tanggal 24 November 2015  di Ruang Customer Focus lt.3
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